Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spreading the word

Hi everyone. Sorry about the postponed meeting. Three weeks of a very nasty flu is a real drag. I still don't have much energy. However, last week I did get to meet a group of fiber artists at Kathleen's house on Maui and I'm hoping they will all join us. Tomoprrow I go to Oahu to address the quilt guild there. Hopefully we'll generate some interest there as well.
 Most important, our meeting is coming up this Saturday, the 28th, here at my studio. Write or call me if you need directions, It's at noon. Bring food if you like. I'll have some snacks available too. I'll have some information on the new SAQA website and member categories, my updated presentation on art principles for quilters, and some clay to play with as we discuss what we can use for embellishments.  We'll show and tell, and share food and drink. We'll talk about getting everyone involved with activities, workshops, shows, and hopefully, this blog.